Bowls Website Software


Martyn Naylor, Manager of the Falaise Indoor Bowls Club writes:
"As a club, Falaise decided that our old website was in need of a long-overdue update and the job of updating or finding a new design fell on my shoulders. After extensive research and talking to various other designers, I came across the Bowls Group Website. I decided to take up the offer of the 'take-as-long-as-you-like' trial period and started to have a good play around whilst also looking at the design of the other clubs already signed up to the Group. I took the idea to our Board of Directors and the decision was made to go ahead and sign up to the Bowls Group. I can honestly say that the developer of this app, Nick, has been there whenever needed and with his help and input I feel that we are beginning to put together a very good looking website. I cannot praise him enough for creating this excellent and easy to use application that is not only easy to update but very affordable also. I would recommend that if you are looking to update or change your existing bowls website, give the Bowls Group a try before you buy."
Brian Burton, Chairman of the Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club writes:
"The Bowls Group website package is excellent for those of us who have neither the skill, inclination or time to put together our own. It has plenty of features designed specifically for bowls clubs including league & competition folders which are all simple to use. One excellent feature is the 'try before you buy' facility whereby you can populate the site and use it as a demo to allow various secretaries to interact with it and for them to be fully satisfied before purchase. There are many other features such as allowing adverts which could pay for the system, all simple to use even for those not totally savvy with computers."
Peter Coles, Treasurer of the Storrington Bowling Club writes:
"Up until the start of the 2016 season Storrington BC had never had a proper website and i was asked to look into setting one up. Having no experience in this sort of project I took to Google and came across 'The Bowls Group' and this has proved to be the best search on Google I have ever made. The site is so user friendly that anyone with just a small amount of computer knowledge can soon set up their own site. However, if you do need assistance contact Nick at The Bowls Group and his response to you will be very quick indeed. It is so nice to have an expert on hand if you get stuck. We are not a big club but the website has proved so popular that we have had 14,000 hits in the first seven months. So look no further - I believe this to be the best option for any Bowls Club looking to set up their own website."
Liz McMillan, Registration Secretary of the The County Arts Club in Norwich writes:
"This application gives your club the ability to keep up to date with club news, league tables, competition results, club calendar and more. It will give you a clean uncluttered site that is easy to maintain and a pleasure to use. Should you need help with any aspect of setting up or maintaining your site, Nick Fairall will respond quickly and efficiently. Nothing is too much trouble for him and if I could give his application a rating it would be 5 stars."
Paul Collard, Press Secretary of the Tiptree Jobserve Bowls Club in Tiptree, Essex writes:
"I was foolish enough to suggest that Tiptree Jobserve Bowls Club should invest in a website, and of course, before I knew it I was tasked with getting it sorted. I have absolutely no experience of setting up a website, but with the aid of Google I found the perfect solution. I had discovered The Bowls Group, and its proprietor Nick Fairall. The company provides everything a complete novice, like me, needs to get a bowls website up and running. With the brilliant support of Nick, who is always eager to resolve any technical difficulties, we now have an excellent web presence. Our members love being able to see match results and club announcement on-line."
Adrian Ash, Chairman of the Victory Indoor Bowls Club in Portsmouth writes:
"We have discovered that even with our limited abilities we are able to develop and maintain our Club website ourselves. We are in full control without the help of expensive third parties. It's a genuine win win!"
David Crockett, Senior Vice Captain of the Worthing Indoor Bowls Club writes:
"When we decided to go ahead with developing a club website, the project was initially put on hold because of the technicalities we believed we needed to overcome. Only when we were introduced to the Bowls Group did we discover an infrastructure perfectly suited to our needs and after gaining experience through the use of a trial website and with Nick's help, we have now produced a website with which we are delighted to showcase our club."