Bowls Website Software

Like to be in full control of your Bowls Club's website?

Well, the Bowls Group's Website Application makes it possible!

Here's how it works...
The majority of indoor and outdoor bowls clubs already have their own website. The problem is, most have to depend on a third-party in order to add or edit the information displayed on the site and therein lies the problem. The third-party may be a club member or perhaps a company specialising in hosting and maintaining websites. In either case, it may not be a simple procedure to keep the website fully updated. It may even have been poorly designed?

Well, the Bowls Group application not only provides the very latest in design and technology, but more importantly makes it possible for bowls club committees to maintain their own website! The Master Account holder simply adds other account holders and grants those persons access to only the sections he or she requires. All account holders are able to update their own designated sections from the comfort of their own home, ensuring your members and visitors return regularly to your website, thanks to its ever-changing content.

Some technical info...
Your Bowls Group website will be delivered from our own high-speed virtual server, maintained by one of the world's leading providers of Internet access and hosting services Fasthosts. It will also conform to W3C HTML5 validation, ensuring full cross-browser compatability on the largest of desktop computers down to the smallest of mobile phones.

Android and iPhone App
Members of subscribed clubs can download the Bowls Group Smartphone App from Google Play or the App Store and view their club competitions, fixtures, league tables, news, calendar and picture gallery!

How much does it cost?
The Annual Subscription is only £239.00, but for a good percentage of our clubs it actually costs them nothing!

Here is the current advertising usage on Bowls Group clubs:

43% fully recoup their annual Bowls Group subscription fee by selling all 4 advertising spaces.

15% have sold 3 of their 4 available advertising spaces and have recouped 75% of their annual Bowls Group subscription fee.

29% have sold 2 of their 4 available advertising spaces and have recouped 50% of their annual Bowls Group subscription fee.

13% have sold 1 of their 4 available advertising spaces and have recouped 25% of their annual Bowls Group subscription fee.

This means ALL of our Clubs are recouping some, if not all, of their annual Bowls Group subscription fee!

It's simple...
Provision is made for you to sell four optional advertising spaces on your website. Approach four local shops (or perhaps ask your membership who run their own business) and offer them the opportunity to advertise on your website. You need charge each advertiser no more than £60.00 per annum in order to fully recoup your annual Bowls Group Subscription. Furthermore, the acquisition and annual renewal of your domain name and SSL certificate is undertaken by the Bowls Group, free of charge.

Who is 'The Bowls Group'?
The Bowls Group was founded by Nick Fairall, himself a bowler and former chairman of the Victory Indoor Bowls Club in Portsmouth. Nick's main profession is the development of high-quality website software and his experience at bowls club management lends itself perfectly in the continuing development of this software.


David Crockett, Senior Vice Captain of the Worthing Indoor Bowls Club writes:
"When we decided to go ahead with developing a club website, the project was initially put on hold because of the technicalities we believed we needed to overcome. Only when we were introduced to the Bowls Group did we discover an infrastructure perfectly suited to our needs and after gaining experience through the use of a trial website and with Nick's help, we have now produced a website with which we are delighted to showcase our club."
Adrian Ash, Chairman of the Victory Indoor Bowls Club in Portsmouth writes:
"We have discovered that even with our limited abilities we are able to develop and maintain our Club website ourselves. We are in full control without the help of expensive third parties. It's a genuine win win!"
Liz McMillan, Registration Secretary of the The County Arts Club in Norwich writes:
"This application gives your club the ability to keep up to date with club news, league tables, competition results, club calendar and more. It will give you a clean uncluttered site that is easy to maintain and a pleasure to use.

Should you need help with any aspect of setting up or maintaining your site, Nick Fairall will respond quickly and efficiently. Nothing is too much trouble for him and if I could give his application a rating it would be 5 stars.